The Wantsum Morris Men

Wantsum Morris Men

Wantsum Morris Men formed as a club in 1967, with the members living both sides of the Wantsum Channel, which in former times separated Thanet from the rest of Kent. The repertoire is drawn from the vast selection of traditional dances collected from the villages of the Cotswolds, complemented by some more recent dances in the Cotswold traditions as well as a few from the Welsh borders and a rapper dance from the North East of England.

The kit is knee breeches, tabard and a tricorn hat. The tabard is decorated with a St Augustines cross with a depiction of Reculver towers in the top left corner. St Augustine arrived in England at the Southern end of the Wantsum, and built an Abbey at Reculver at the Northern end.

Among other events Wantsum Morris Men perform annual tours on Boxing Day, May 1st, Hop Hoodening in September, and Broadstairs Folk Week in August. We have occasionally ventured onto foreign soils with trips including the Tarn valley in France, the Eastern seaboard of the U.S.A. and Poland.

Practice Sessions

Wantsum Morris Men typically practise, fuelled by tea and coffee, on Sundays, 11:00am to 1pm November through to April. New comers are always welcome however it would be worth dropping an email to and/or to let us know you are coming.

There is no charge for practice sessions.

The first practice in 2023 shall be on Sunday 19th November.

Our practice venue is Manner Hall in St. Nicholas, near Birchington.

Manner Hall
Manner Road
St Nicholas-at-Wade