Dance Sides: Our Wonderful Guests

The Hop Queen and Princesses

Our Queen Lucy will be at the heart of the Festival, leading the processions and distributing the Blessed Hops again this year, with her Princesses Phoebe, Cecilia and Greta.

Offcumduns Border Morris

From St Nicholas-at-Wade on Thanet. A fresh and youthful, award-winning local side who practice on Tuesday evenings and are on the lookout for new dancers, young and old.

Dead Horse & the Broomdashers

Based close by in Whitstable, they practice on Monday evenings, dancing a style that borrows heavily from the Border and Molly Dancing styles of Morris. A strong singing side, the Broomdashers are the ladies’ team while Dead Horse refers to the men’s side.

Jigs o’Marlowe

A group of morris friends from Canterbury who came together during lockdown to dance jigs via Zoom, so that they could still carry on the tradition of Morris dance, music and performance we have enjoyed over the years.  Named Jigs o’Marlowe in honour of the great son of the city.  They are now developing their jigs into shared dances.

Royal Liberty Morris

Royal Liberty Morris | Facebook

Wantsum Morris Men

That’s us – you’re here already. We dance Cotswold too.

Wantsum Women

One of the newest dance sides on the scene, now is a great time to join them and learn their dances. 

East Kent Morris

East Kent Morris (

East Kent Morris is a mixed side with a long history of dancing Cotswold style Morris. They wear red, white and blue kit to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953, the year they were founded, and they wear the Invicta symbol on the back of their red waistcoats.

East Kent Morris are celebrating 70 years of dancing and will be performing ‘The Bell’ from Adderbury in the cathedral.

Ravensbourne Morris Men

The Ravensbourne Morris Men have been dancing Cotswold style in Northwest Kent since 1947. They are based in Keston, the source of the river Ravensbourne.

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