Saturday 8th September 2001

East Kent Country Dancers, East Kent Morris Men, Wantsum Morris Men
Cathedral Service Display
East Kent Country Dancers
Cathedral Service Reading
The Deputy Lord Mayor of Canterbury, Councillor Mary Jeffries
Cathedral Service Address
The Archdeacon of Canterbury, Revd. John Pritchard

Followed by dancing in the Cathedral Precincts and in Canterbury City Centre

The Archdeacon of Canterbury (Revd. John Pritchard),The Precentor and Invicta – Cathedral Precincts

Wantsum Morris Men (L to R: Steve Austen, Michael Perry, Philip Edmonds) – Cathedral Precincts

East Kent Morris Juniors – Cathedral Precincts

Wantsum Morris Men joined by a member of East Kent Morris Men – High Street, Canterbury

Wantsum Morris Men (L to R: Michael Perry, Philip Edmonds, Paul Austen, Bert Town, Chris Skates, Dave Stephens) – Longmarket, Canterbury