Saturday 8th September 2007


Boughton Monchelsea Morris, Chipping Campden Morris Men, East Kent Country Dancers, East Kent Morris Men, King John’s Morris Men, Offcumduns, Ravensbourne Morris Men, Oyster Morris, Winchester Morris Men, Wolf’s Head & Vixen, Woodchurch Morris Men, Wantsum Morris Men
Hop Queen
Laura Gray
Hop Princesses
Jessica Watkins, Charlotte Watkins
Cathedral Service Display
Wantsum Morris Men – ‘The Rose’ (Fieldtown)
Cathedral Service Reading
The Sheriff of Canterbury, Councillor Gillian Reuby & David Stephens (Founder Member, Wantsum Morris Men)
Cathedral Service Address
The Vice Dean, The Revd. Canon Clare Edwards

Followed by dancing in the Cathedral Precincts, Canterbury City Centre & Chilham Castle

Hop Queen (Laura Gray), Hop Princesses (Charlotte Watkins and Jessica Watkins) with the bower party from East Kent Country Dancers (Rita Hood and Margaret Browning)

Wantsum Morris Men - Canterbury Cathedral

Wantsum Morris Men (L to R: Steve Austen, Dave Gray, Peter Cox, Simon Gray, Alex Steltner, Wally Watkins (Squire) – Canterbury Cathedral

Wantsum Morris Men (L to R: Dave Stephens, Steve Grayland, Michael Perry, Keith Young, Peter Roberts – Canterbury Cathedral

Dave Stephens (Founder Member of Wantsum Morris Men) – Canterbury Cathedral

The Vice Dean, The Revd. Canon Clare Edwards, and Kevin Downham (Chipping Campden Morris Men) - Cathedral Precincts

Oyster Women – Cathedral Precincts

Sampling Cathedral Ale (with thanks to the Cathedral Gift Shop) – Cathedral Precincts

Ravensbourne Morris Men – Rose Square, Canterbury

Chipping Campden Morris Men - Rose Square, Canterbury

East Kent Country Dancers – Rose Square, Canterbury

Oyster Men – Rose Square, Canterbury

East Kent Morris Men – Rose Square, Canterbury

Hop Princess, Charlotte Watkins, and Invicta (East Kent Morris Men’s White Horse) – Rose Square, Canterbury

Offcumduns – Rose Square, Canterbury

Boughton Monchelsea Morris – Rose Square, Canterbury

Wolf’s Head & Vixen – Rose Square, Canterbury

Wantsum Morris Men (L to R: Paul Austen, Simon Gray, Peter Cox, Alex Steltner, Bruce Ashcroft, Steve Austen) – Rose Square, Canterbury

Winchester Morris Men (including Mike Austen, Founder Member of Wantsum Morris Men, fifth L) with Mike Garland (former Squire of the Morris Ring, second L) and Bruce Ashcroft (Wantsum Morris Men) – Rose Square, Canterbury

Masses Morris – Rose Square, Canterbury

A young musician from Chipping Campden Morris Men, Keith Young (Wantsum Morris Men) and Dave Diaper (King John’s Morris Men) lead Wantsum Morris Men in the precession to Chilham Castle

Chipping Campden Morris Men – Chilham Castle

Wantsum Morris Men (L to R: Simon Gray, Alex Steltner, Bruce Ashcroft, Paul Austen, Dave Gray, Peter Cox) – Chilham Castle