Everyone is welcome to attend the Cathedral service and to enjoy the skilful presentations of dancing around the city. Give thanks for the wonder of beer!


Procession within the Cathedral Precincts into the Cathedral.
Led by the Hop Queen in her hop bower accompanied by her Princesses.
Cathedral Service of Celebration and Blessing of the Hops.
Attended by the Lord Mayor of Canterbury.
This year Rabble, our guests from Lenham, will dance during the service.
Dancing display in the Precincts.
By all the attendant Morris sides.
Sampling of Canterbury Cathedral Ale.
The various Morris sides may be seen dancing around the city centre while the Hop Queen and her Princesses distribute blessed hops to the good people of Canterbury.
There are three tours:
Wild Western Tour
12.20 pm - Outside the Marlowe
13.05 pm - The Black Griffin Pub
Featuring: Headcorn Morris, East Kent Morris, Loose Women
Central Heartlands Tour
12.20 pm - High Street, head of Guildhall Street
13.05 pm - Corner of Orange Street & Sun Street
Featuring: Oyster Morris, Kettle Bridge Clogs, Dead Horse Morris and the Broomdashers
Far Eastern Tour
12.15 pm - Outside the Cathedral Shop
13.00 pm - St. George's Tower
Featuring: The Hop Queen and Princesses, Rabble, Offcumduns, Wantsum Morris Men
Procession up the High Street.
From Best Lane to Rose Square.
Again led by the Hop Queen in her hop bower accompanied by her Princesses.
Massed Display of Dancing in Rose Square.
By all the attendant Morris sides until 4pm.