Hop Hoodening 2015

Saturday 12th September 2015

AttendingBroom Dashers, Offcumduns, Oyster Morris, Rabble, Ravensbourne Morris Men, Wantsum Morris Men
Hop QueenEleanor Luckett
Hop PrincessesCharlotte Burring, Lucy Burring
Cathedral Service DisplayRavensbourne Morris Men (‘Old Woman Tossed Up in a Blanket’, Fieldtown)
Cathedral Service ReadingThe Lord Mayor of Canterbury, Councillor Sally Waters
Cathedral Service AddressThe Vice Dean, The Revd. Canon Clare Edwards

Followed by dancing in the Cathedral Precincts and in Canterbury City Centre

Gail Duff (Rabble), Eleanor Luckett (Hop Queen), Jan Janes (Rabble) – Cathedral Precincts
Wantsum Morris Men – Cathedral Precincts
Broom Dashers – Cathedral Precincts
Offcumduns – Cathedral Precincts
Ravensbourne Morris Men – Canterbury Cathedral
Oyster Men – Cathedral Precincts
Oyster Women – Cathedral Precincts
Charlotte Burring & Lucy Burring (Hop Princesses) with Nick Burring (Wantsum Morris Men) – Cathedral Precincts
Rabble – Cathedral Precincts
Wantsum Morris Men – Cathedral Precincts
Wantsum Morris Men – Rose Square, Canterbury
Back row L to R – Wally Watkins, Martyn Young, Aaron Janes, Mick Scott, Steve Austen, Dave Gray, Peter Roberts, Pete Stockwell, Dave Stephens
Front row L to R – Simon Gray, Jessica Watkins, Nick Burring, Chris Janes